How do you activate the safe turn-on mode of the FlashTorch 250W?

Just press and hold the small button on the FlashTorch 250W while turning on the torch using the tail-cap button on the base of the torch.  The small button must be held for at least 3 seconds to toggle between the normal instant on operation and the safe turn-on mode (5 quick press operation).  The safe mode will be remembered until you toggle the mode off again using the same sequence as described above (button+tailcap for 3sec).

When the FlashTorch 250W is turned on while safe turn-on operation is enabled, the small button on the FlashTorch 250W will flash quickly to indicate that you must quickly press the button 5 times, and if this is not done within 3 seconds then the torch will be locked out until power is cycled again using the tail-cap button.

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